Sentence Examples

  • Another plant universally used as a stimulant in Southern Arabia is khat (Catha edulis).
  • It was always the prayer that the soul (bai) should be able to revisit the corpse (khat), and some inscriptions show an expectation of the body itself being revivified, "the mouth speaking," "the legs walking," and everything conforming with its previous terrestrial life.
  • The mummified corpse as a divine thing - not the mere khat - was called the sahu (an old word meaning "noble") or ikh, which in the latter period meant a spirit or demon.
  • Among Pathans there are two kinds of kurta (kamis or khat); one worn by married women called giradana khat is dark red or blue, embroidered with silk in front; the jalana khat worn by unmarried women is less conspicuous for colour and ornament.
  • It is a small bush propagated from cuttings which are left to grow for three years; the leaves are then stripped, except a few buds which develop next year into young shoots, these being cut and sold in bunches under the name of khat mubarak; next year on the branches cut back new shoots grow; these are sold as khat malhani, or second-year kat, which commands the highest price.