Sentence Examples

  • From India he sailed in a junk to Sumatra, visiting various ports on the northern coast of that island, and thence to Java, to the coast (it would seem) of Borneo, to Champa (South Cochin-China), and to Canton, at that time known to western Asiatics as Chin-Kalan or Great China (Mahachin).
  • In China his mention of Canton by the name of Censcolam or Censcolam (Chin-Kalan), and his descriptions of the custom of fishing with tame cormorants, of the habit of letting the finger-nails grow extravagantly, and of the compression of women's feet, are peculiar to him among the travellers of that age; Marco Polo omits them all.
  • The sultans son Malik al-Said ~ ascended the throne; but within little more than two years he was compelled to abdicate in favor of his father-inlaw Kalan, a Mameluke who had risen high in the former sovereigns service.
  • Under Kalan we first hear of the Burjite Mamelukes, who owe their name to the citadel (Burj) of Cairo, where 37C0 of the whole number of 12,000 Mamelukes maintained by this sovereign were quartered.
  • Calling (apparently) at Cambodia on his way, Ibn Batuta reached China at Zayton (Amoy harbour), famous from Marco Polo; he also visited Sin Kalan or Canton, and professes to have been in Khansa (Kinsay of Marco Polo, i.e.