Sentence Examples

  • KALAMATA (officially Kaaaµae, from an ancient town near the site), chief town of the modern Greek nomarchy of Messenia in the Morea, situated on the left bank of the Nedon, about m.
  • In 1685 Kalamata was captured by the Venetians; in 1770, and again in 1821, it was the revolutionary headquarters in the Morea.
  • Kalamata is situated in a very fruitful district, of which it is the emporium.
  • Striking reminders of these conflicts are afforded by the extant ruins of the medieval strongholds of Kalamata, Coron (anc. Asine, mod.
  • At the present day Messenia forms a department with its capital at Kalamata, and a population numbering (according to the census of 1907), 127,991.