Sentence Examples

  • When work restarted after the war, the mine owners offered the Kaffir workmen little more than half the wages paid in 1898; but this effort at economy was abandoned, and the old rates of pay were restored in January 1903.
  • - Another war with the Kaffirs broke out in 1846 and was known as the War of the Axe, from the murder of a Hottentot, to whom an old Kaffir thief was manacled, while being conveyed to Graham's Town for trial for stealing an axe.
  • Soon transferred to the 12th Lancers, he saw active service with that regiment in the Kaffir war of 1852-53.
  • The Kaffir chief who had accompanied him to England joined the enemy; and many of his converts showed that his efforts on their behalf had effected no change in their character.
  • The chief exports are wheat, mealies, Kaffir corn, wool, mohair, horses and cattle.