Sentence Examples

  • Water is found in it a few feet below the surface, and a little cultivation is carried on at the small oases of Kaf and Ithri, whence salt produced in the neighbouring salt lakes is exported.
  • I, 5 (Kaf He Ye Ain Sad) before xix.
  • So also if Kaf corresponds to the Babylonian Kappu, " hollow-hand," the Sabaean form which Hommel5 interprets as the outline of the hand with the fingers turned in and the thumb raised is a better pictograph than the various meaningless forms of k (&c.).
  • Baluch vab (sleep) =Zend hvafna; Baluch hap (slime)=Zend kafa, New Persian kaf; Baluch hapt (seven) = New Persian haft.