Sentence Examples

  • The signory appointed Piero Capponi, a man of great ability and patriotism, and experienced in diplomacy, the gonfaloniere Francesco Valori, the Dominican Giorgio Vespucci, and the jurisconsult and diplomatist Domenico Bonsi, rule, 's every five years, appointed all the magistrates and Y Y PP g syndics to conduct the negotiations with the French king.
  • ARNAUD DU FERRIER (c. 1508-1585), French jurisconsult and diplomatist, was born at Toulouse about 1508, and practised as a lawyer first at Bourges, afterwards at Toulouse.'
  • GIUSEPPE ZANARDELLI (1826-1903), Italian jurisconsult and statesman, was born at Brescia on the 29th of October 1826.
  • Mucius Scaevola, the pontifex maximus, a still more famous jurisconsult, nephew of the augur.
  • FRANCOIS LAURENT (1810-1887), Belgian historian and jurisconsult, was born at Luxemburg on the 8th of July 1810.