Sentence Examples

  • Poof sleeve: These come in a variety of lengths, from off the shoulder, three-quarter-length poofs, or a combination of a poof at the shoulder and a more fitted sleeve to the wrist which is commonly called a Juliet sleeve.
  • At twenty-three she decided to bring her dancing to the silver screen of Hollywood, breaking box-office records of the time with Los Tarantos (an adaptation of Romeo and Juliet), and Danzas Gitanas, among others.
  • Fake Oakleys: Here, you can find replicas based on specific Oakley styles, like the Oil Drum, the Canteen, the Juliet, the C-Wire, the M-Frames, the Square Wire 2.0, the Half Jacket 2.0, the Splice, and more.
  • It was in his time that Romeo and Juliet are said to have lived.
  • Formerly it was the title given to individual members of these orders, as Friar Laurence (in Romeo and Juliet), but this is not now common.