Sentence Examples

  • Providing the alternative to consoles, the PC is revered for its high resolution graphics, fine controls (I'll take a mouse over a controller joystick any day), and skill with presenting complicated game schematics and interfaces.
  • Based on tips I read online, I once upped my swimming skill in a game (single-player, mind you) by aiming my undrownable character at a mid-river piling and rubber-banding the controller joystick into a "swim forward" position.
  • The other propriety CPU, the 26.6 Mhz "Jerry", contained a 32-bit RISC Digital Signal Processor, in addition to units responsible for 16-bit stereo sound, joystick control, wavelength synthesis, and other functions.
  • I found using my thumb on the analog stick to be the easiest control option, while my husband preferred actually placing the controller on the floor or his knee and using the analog stick in a joystick fashion.
  • These cabinets were generally taller than an average man and housed a monitor and deck where a joystick and buttons were placed (or a steering wheel, trackball, or a variety of other control mechanisms).