Sentence Examples

  • The system of Forbes was reconstructed after his death from notebook jottings, and neither Garrod nor Forbes have left any permanent mark on.
  • Soon men began to assist memory by making notes, and pupils sought to take written jottings of what they had heard from their teachers.
  • Brenchley, Jottings during the Cruise of the "Curacoa" (London, 1873); B.
  • " What was reduced to writing does not give us a work carried out after a preconcerted plan, but rather represents a series of jottings answering to the needs of the various individual writers, and largely intended to strengthen the memory " (Schechter).
  • Stevens, Jottings on Stonehenge (1882); Edgar Barclay, Stonehenge and its Earth Works (1895); Lockyer, Stonehenge and other British Stone Monuments, Astronomically Considered (1906).