Sentence Examples

  • More questionable was Josephs policy in closing and confiscating the property of 213 of the richer monasteries of the land.
  • And Leopold II., ihr Briefwechsel (1866); Maria Theresa and Joseph II., ihre Korrespondenz samt Briefen Josephs an seinen Bruder Leopold (3 vols., 1867); Beaumarchais and Sonnenfels (1868); Joseph II.
  • Josephs brother and successor, Charles VI., also went on with it; and such were the blows inflicted on France by the victories of Blenheim, Ramillies and Malplaquet that the war Charles Vi.
  • Et Marie Leczynska 0900); P. Boye, Lettres du roi Stanislas a Marie Leszczynska 1 7541766 (Paris and Nancy, 1901); and C. Stryienski's book on Marie Josephs de Saxe (La Mere des trois derniers Bourbons, Paris, 1902).