Sentence Examples

  • She knocked his hand away and headed for the house in a stiff jointed hobble.
  • They are built of blocks of pudding-stone, originally well jointed, but now much weathered.
  • The weight W 1 carried by the part of the frame supported by the wheel (whose diameter is D) is transmitted first to the pins P 1, P2, which are fixed to the frame, and then to the spring links L 1, L2, which are jointed at their respective ends to the spring S, the centre of which rests on the axle-box.
  • The jointed leaves are fleshy or leathery; the flowers are generally large with a well-developed lip.
  • (Original drawing by Pocock and Pickard-Cambridge, after Hansen and Sorensen.) caudal support for the many-jointed flagelliform telson, as in the Urotricha.