Sentence Examples

  • For three years there was little or no government in the Jerseys, beyond the measures taken by local officers for preserving the peace.
  • In 1674 he became, by the appointment of the duke of York (later James II.), governor of New York and the Jerseys, though his jurisdiction over the Jerseys was disputed, and until his recall in 1681 to meet an unfounded charge of dishonesty and favouritism in the collection of the revenues, he proved himself to be a capable administrator, whose imperious disposition, however, rendered him somewhat unpopular among the colonists.
  • For beef, shorthorns, Herefords, Gallo ways and AberdeenAngus cattle are bred largely, whilst for dairying purposes, shorthorns, Ayrshires, Jerseys, Guernseys and Holstein-Friesians prevail.
  • Andros, previously appointed viceroy of New England, thereupon received a new commission extending his authority over New York and the Jerseys, and in August 1688 he formally annexed these provinces to the Dominion of New England.
  • With New Jersey's proximity to the Atlantic coastline, seafood is a natural choice for dining.