Sentence Examples

  • Suraj Mall raised the Jat power to its highest point; and Colonel Dow, in 1770, estimated the raja's revenue (perhaps extravagantly) at £2,000,000 and his military force at 60,000 or 70,000 men.
  • Being as we have seen U =Uo(1+ Jat), where U ° is the velocity at o° C., and a is the coefficient of expansion o0365.
  • The Sikhs are principally drawn from the Arora, Jat and Ramgarhia tribes, but any one may become a Sikh by accepting the Sikh baptism.
  • To the temperament of the Jat, the Arora and the Ramgarhia Sikh add the stimulus of a militant religion.
  • On the dismemberment of the Delhi empire, Gwalior was seized by the Jat rana of Gohad.