Sentence Examples

  • The insects feed upon ash, lilac, privet and jasmine leaves.
  • In many places the ramparts are thickly covered with jasmine and honeysuckle.
  • The clock's most attractive features are the ability to relax into sleep by choosing one of four fragrances (floral mix, jasmine, pink grapefruit, or chamomile) and three soundscapes that offer gentle chimes, flute music or a radio station.
  • However, if you are serving adults, consider having two or three varieties of tea, for example a classic black tea, a floral tea such as a jasmine or rose variety and a fruity tea such as a lemongrass or orange pekoe.
  • Notes of frozen apple, peach nectar and mimosa give the scent its pleasant fruitiness, while muguet (Lily of the Valley), freesia, night-blooming jasmine and tuberose balance the sweetness with a soft floral tinge.