Sentence Examples

  • Yet even then he considered that the true leaders of the people were a peer and a dean, and there was no real inconsistency in the fact that at a later period he was among the most strenuous defenders of Governor Eyre in the measures adopted by him to put down the Jamaican disturbances.
  • As a result of the transfer of Jamaica to England, the population of Cuba was greatly augmented by Jamaican immigrants to about 30,000 in the middle of the 17th century.
  • The food is authentically Cuban, but you can find other famous Caribbean dishes like Jamaican jerk chicken on the menu.
  • Island Fresh Cuisine serves traditional Jamaican favorites, including oxtail, fried plantains, curried goat and jerk chicken.
  • Jamaican James Jerk Pit Restaurant & Catering1034 Route 46 EastLedgewood, NJ 07892(973) 252-4339‎ Caribbean Flavor Caribbean Flavor serves the authentic mouth-watering flavors of the Caribbean Islands in Jersey City, New Jersey.