Sentence Examples

  • As Dean left the building, the jailer sauntered back to Fred's cell.
  • "Darkyn made you the jailer," Rhyn growled.
  • There was no sign of Fitzgerald, Lydia Larkin, the jailer, or Fred O'Connor.
  • In a city of the first class, a mayor, two aldermen from each ward, a police judge, and a treasurer who may be ex officio tax-collector are elected, and an attorney, a clerk, a chief of police, an assessor, a street commissioner, a jailer, a surveyor, and, where there is a paid fire department, a chief engineer with one or more assistants, may be appointed by the mayor with the consent of the council.
  • Ully cursed as he moved to seek cover from the downpour.  Safe beneath his jungle roof, Toby watched him.  The brave, cheerful Ully that sat with him in Hell seemed lost in the underworld, and Toby began to suspect there was another reason their jailer, Jared, had freed them.