Sentence Examples

  • The black or double-horned rhinoceros, common in central Ogaden; leopards, abundant in many districts, and daring - they have given their name to the Webi Shebeli (" River of the Leopards "); panthers; spotted and striped hyenas (the latter rare); foxes, jackals, badgers and wild dogs; giraffes and a great variety of antelopes.
  • See St George Mivart, Dogs, Jackals, Wolves and Foxes (London, 1890) R.
  • Jackals prowl among the ruins of Zion (verse 18; cf.
  • Dogs, wolves, jackals, &c., which constitute the genus Canis in its more restricted sense, foxes are best distinguished by the circumstance that in the skull the (postorbital) projection immediately behind the socket for the eye has its upper surface concave, with a raised ridge in front, in place of regularly convex.
  • With the exception of certain South African species, foxes differ from wolves and jackals in that they do not associate in packs, but go about in pairs or are solitary.