Sentence Examples

  • You don't pay for the banking service; you only pay for the cost of any calls while online and your normal ISP charges.
  • If you have a reasonably large Web site with a good amount of data and that also features some e-commerce aspects like a payment gateway, it would be best to go for dedicated hosting on your own dedicated server, even if with an ISP.
  • If not, you will need to provision a connection to your location with enough bandwidth to handle your expected traffic and a router to communicate between your location and your ISP.
  • They have high latency rates or high time delays between the time you start a specific function, like dialing in to your ISP, and the time you actually connect and are good to go.
  • While dial-ups are supported, a DSL connection allowing landline and ISP connections would be required for those having one phone line and a computer.