Sentence Examples

  • Thus ~ is lir, face;, a vase of ointment, is mrii.t, ointment; ~ is wdb, turn, Much investigation is still required to establish the origins of the values of the signs; in some cases the connection between the pictures and the primary values seems to be curiously remote.
  • Word-signs used singly for the names of objects are generally marked with I in classical writing, as ~, ib, heart, lir, face, &c.
  • The Carey brook, by the side of which the abbey stands, was formerly called the Margy, and on its waters according to tradition dwelt the four children of Lir, changed to swans by their step-mother until St Columba released them from enchantment.
  • This page gives an overview of all articles in the 1911 Brittanica which are alphabetized under Lir to Lod.
  • Prominent among them were Manannan mac Lir, who is connected with the sea and the Isle of Man, and the Dagda, the father of a numerous progeny.