Sentence Examples

  • 1906, 39, p. 2486) showed that the difference in the rotations of the natural and synthetic d-conine is not due to another substance, iso-conine, as was originally supposed, but that the artificial product is a stereo-isomer, which yields natural conine on heating for some time to 290°-300°, and then distilling.
  • MANDELIC ACID (Phenylglycollic Acid), C 8 H 8 O 3 or C 6 H 5 CH(OH) COOH, an isomer of the cresotinic and the oxymethylbenzoic acids.
  • An isomer of cinnamic acid known as allo-cinnamic acid is also known.
  • According to the above formula the critical temperature is given by 8aA/54b, and as the critical temperature is approximately proportional to the boiling-point, both being estimated on the absolute scale of temperature, we may conclude that the larger value of b corresponds to the lower boilingpoint, and indeed the isomer corresponding to the left-hand formula boils at 74°, the other at 114°.
  • Consequently, of each pair of isomers we may establish beforehand which is the more stable; either in particular circumstances, a direct change taking place, as, for instance, with maleic acid, which when exposed to sunlight in presence of a trace of bromine, yields the isomeric fumaric acid almost at once, or, indirectly, one may conclude that the isomer which forms under greater heat-development is the more stable, at least at lower temperatures.