Iron Age Definition

A phase of many human cultures, often following a Bronze Age, characterized by the introduction and development of iron tools and weapons; specif., in Europe beginning c. 1000 b.c.
Webster's New World
The last and worst age of the world, characterized by wickedness, selfishness, and degeneracy.
Webster's New World

(archaeology) A level of culture in which Man used iron and the technology of ironworking. (Estimated to have begun in Europe about 1100 BCE) [from 19th c.]

(mythology) The most recent and debased of the four or five classical Ages of Man; hence, any period characterised by wicked behaviour. [from 16th c.]

An age characterised by the use of iron. [from 16th c.]


Origin of Iron Age

  • From iron + age, in the mythological sense after Latin saecula ferrea, aetas ferrea; in the archaeological sense after Danish jernalder.

    From Wiktionary

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