Sentence Examples

  • A diminution in the number of positive ions would thus naturally be accompanied by a rise in potential gradient.
  • In 1887 Svante Arrhenius, professor of physics at Stockholm, put forward a new theory which supposed that the freedom of the opposite ions from each other was not a mere momentary freedom at the instants of molecular collision, but a more or less permanent freedom, the ions moving independently of each other through the liquid.
  • Thus the osmotic pressure, or the depression of the freezing point of a solution of potassium chloride should, at extreme dilution, be twice the normal value, but of a solution of sulphuric acid three times that value, since the potassium salt contains two ions and the acid three.
  • The rate of loss of charge is thus largely dependent on the extent to which ions are present in the surrounding air.
  • It depends, however, in addition on the natural mobility of the ions, and also on the opportunities for convection.