Sentence Examples

  • Also such ideas as those of invariants, groups and of form, have modified the entire science.
  • The partition method of treating symmetrical algebra is one which has been singularly successful in indicating new paths of advance in the theory of invariants; the important theorem of expressibility is, directly we exclude unity from the partitions, a theorem concerning the expressibility of covariants, and involves the theory of the reducible forms and of the syzygies.
  • The important result is that the theory of invariants is from a certain point of view coincident with the theory of non-unitary symmetric functions.
  • An important notion in the theory of linear operators in general is that of MacMahon's multilinear operator (" Theory of a Multilinear partial Differential Operator with Applications to the Theories of Invariants and Reciprocants," Proc. Lond.
  • X i, x 2) is said to be a covariant of the quantic. The expression " invariantive forms " includes both invariants and covariants, and frequently also other analogous forms which will be met with.