Sentence Examples

  • X i, x 2) is said to be a covariant of the quantic. The expression " invariantive forms " includes both invariants and covariants, and frequently also other analogous forms which will be met with.
  • From these formulae we derive two important relations, dp4 = or the function F, on the right which multiplies r, is said to be a simultaneous invariant or covariant of the system of quantics.
  • It is always an invariant or covariant appertaining to a number of different linear forms, and as before it may vanish if two such linear forms be identical.
  • In general it will be simultaneous covariant of the different forms n 1 rz 2 n3 a, b x, ?
  • +P=n1, j+k+...+T =n3, It will also be a covariant if the symbolic product be factorizable into portions each of which satisfies these conditions.