Sentence Examples

  • Their only company was an inquisitive cow that stared at these intruders in her personal domain.
  • "I think I know where to start," he said, focusing on the sense that told him where the immortal intruders were.
  • The cliff's sheer drop created a natural defense against any intruders in addition to providing a view that was breathtaking by day or night.
  • His successor Mendez was a man of much less conciliatory manners, and the feelings of the people became strongly excited against the intruders, till at length, on the death of the negus Sysenius, Socinius or Seged I., and the accession of his son Fasilidas in 1633, they were all sent out of the country, after having had a footing there for nearly a century Visits of and a half.
  • The group of these queer creatures which was discovered clustered near the stairs at first remained staring and motionless, glaring with evil eyes at the intruders who had so suddenly appeared in their land.