Sentence Examples

  • The signature of the purchaser and introducer (if any) must be affixed to the entry.
  • He was appointed introducer of ambassadors on the 12th of October 1671, and it became notorious that whoever had a petition to present or a place to ask for must apply to him.
  • At Eleusis, Demeter was venerated as the introducer of all the blessings which agriculture brings in its train - fixed dwelling-places, civil order, marriage and a peaceful life; hence her name Thesmophoros, " the bringer of law and order," and the festival Thesmophoria.
  • Jean Nicolas Corvisart (1755-1821) has already been mentioned as the translator and introducer into France of Auenbrugger's work on percussion.
  • His systematic doctrines founded the so-called "natural history school"; but his real merit was that of the founder or introducer of a method.

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