Sentence Examples

  • The most basic concept of this ancient philosophy of yin and yang is that everything, all energies, are interdependent upon one another.
  • The child's immune system is an intricate network of interdependent cell types, substances, and organs that collectively protect the body from bacterial, parasitic, fungal, viral infections, and tumor cells.
  • However, global warming makes people realize how interdependent the nations of the world are even if they are not aware of all the essential cycles and processes going on in the natural world.
  • This interdependent relationship is evident in the traditional yin yang symbol, in which the dark side (yin) has a spot of the light and the light side (yang) has a spot of dark.
  • In fact, analogical, inductive and deductive inferences, though different processes of combining premises to cause different conclusions, are so similar and related, so united in principle and interdependent, so consolidated into a system of inference, that they cannot be completely investigated apart, but together constitute a single subject of science.