Sentence Examples

  • For instance, Falcon will turn into a missle-slinging robot; Wang Tang changes into some insanely fast martial artist capable out a thousand hits per second... or so it seems when you're getting your butt kick by him.
  • Plenty of women embraced the flat, colorful, see-through shoes that were made of plastic and were so insanely cheap, you could have a collection in every color of the rainbow and barely dent your wallet.
  • You can drink beer until you puke your guts out to compete for the title of Insanely Dependant Alcoholic, or use the screen blurring effects this creates to add extra difficulty to your next battle.
  • You don't have to discount boutique clothing as too expensive; although some stores routinely feature insanely high prices, you can sometimes find the perfect dress or suit at a reasonable cost.
  • It seems that everyone is interested in enjoying the balance games, aerobic activities and strength exercises, so it can be pretty tough to find this insanely popular game in stores.