Sentence Examples

  • Herrick, in his well-known Ode to Ben, mentions several of the inns of the day.
  • Of Furnival's and Thavies Inns, attached to Lincoln's Inn, only the names remain.
  • The story is that his valet who preceded him wrote "est" on the doors of all the inns where good wine was to be had, and that here the inscription was thrice repeated.
  • " Hackney coaches " for hire are first mentioned in 1625, when they were kept at inns, and numbered 20.
  • The university is governed by a senate consisting of a chancellor, chairman of convocation and 54 members, whose appointment is shared by the Crown, convocation, the Royal Colleges of Physicians and of Surgeons, the Inns of Court, the Law Society, the London County Council, City Corporation, City and Guilds Institute, University and King's Colleges and the faculties.