Sentence Examples

  • I telephoned their office with the intention of informing them myself.
  • Two days after landing in the United States, Dean received a phone call from Fred O'Connor, the stepfather he'd yet to meet, informing him his mother was gravely ill.
  • Now, half a year later, came the feared phone call informing them that Martha too was leaving.
  • Then out of the blue came the call from a sticky-sweet state worker informing the Deans that Martha would be picked up on Saturday morning—this was Thursday—for the introductory reunion.
  • He tried to find some middle ground of reconciliation, and kept up his quiet work of informing England as to the opinions and conditions of the colonies, and of moderating the attitude of the colonies toward the home government; so that, as he said, he was accused in America of being too much an Englishman, and in England of being too much an American.