Sentence Examples

  • He was informally exiled, and spent much time with Marshal Villars, again increasing his store of "reminiscences."
  • In the spring of 1782 Franklin had been informally negotiating with Shelburne, secretary of state for the home department, through the medium of Richard Oswald, a Scotch merchant, and had suggested that England should cede Canada to the United States in return for the recognition of loyalist claims by the states.
  • We are at home on Thursdays--today is Thursday, so please come and see us quite informally, said the governor, taking leave of him.
  • Of other scientific institutions we may mention the observatory on Vesuvius, which is supported entirely by funds from the government, but is annexed informally to the university.
  • 1133), who brings it into an exhortation quite informally, as if it were in common use.