Sentence Examples

  • NAPOLEON, a round game of cards (known colloquially as "Nap").
  • In Massachusetts, as in New England generally, the word " town " is used, officially and colloquially, to designate a township, and during the colonial era the New England town-meeting was a notable school for education in self-government.
  • Groups 1 and 3 (with the western boundary somewhat inde~nite) are colloquially known as the North and 2 and 4 as the South.
  • RIO DE JANEIRO (in full, SÃo Sebastiao Do Rio DE Janeiro, colloquially shortened to Rio), a city and port of Brazil, capital of the republic, and seat of an archbishopric, on the western side of the Bay of Rio de Janeiro, or Guanabara.
  • PHYSIOGNOMY, the English form of the middle Greek 4uo-coyvwµia, a contraction of the classical ciuotoyvcoµovia (from qSvQCs, nature, and yvc'oµwv, an interpreter), (i) a term which denotes a supposed science for the " discovery of the disposition of the mind by the lineaments of the body " (Bacon); (2) is also used colloquially as a synonym for the face or outward appearance, being variously spelled by the old writers: fysenamy by Lydgate, phisnomi in Udall's translation of Erasmus on Mark iv., physnomie in Bale's English Votaries (i.