Sentence Examples

  • R, The retinal portion of the same which, owing to the infolding, lies between gl, the corneagen or lens-forming portion, and pr, the post-retinal or capsular portion or fold.
  • By a process of infolding, the thicker end is partially invaginated, the middle portion or " hind-body " and the organism may now present a superficial likeness to a cercaria.
  • More usually, by an infolding of the layer of cells in development, we get three layers under the lens; the front layer is the corneagen layer, and is separated by a membrane from the other two which, more or less, fuse and contain the nerve-end-cells (retinal layer).
  • As a general rule, the depression caused by the infolding of the surface of the incisor (the " mark ") is obliterated in the first or central incisor at six years, in the second at seven years, and in the third at eight years.
  • Mostly large forms, of Carboniferous and Permian age, with a more or less complex infolding of the walls of the teeth.