Sentence Examples

  • The causes of small bowel obstruction in children are most often volvulus, intussusception, adhesions, or abdominal hernia, a weakness in the abdominal wall that traps a portion of intestine.
  • Some children with intussusception may appear lethargic or have altered mental status, believed by physicians to be related to ischemia of the bowel and a decreased level of consciousness.
  • Intussusception commonly follows an infection that causes increased lymph node size in the gut, which acts as the point of folding for the intussusception.
  • One type of mechanical obstruction is caused by the bowel twisting on itself (volvulus) or telescoping into itself (intussusception).
  • Recurrences in infants with intussusception are most likely to happen during the first 36 hours after the blockage has been cleared.