Sentence Examples

  • In 1779, however, he committed an indiscretion that brought him into trouble.
  • This extraordinary indiscretion might well have cost him his life, but the tsarevich fortunately destroyed the letter.'
  • Howie and Quinn remained the oil and water of our association although there was no mention of Martha's teenage indiscretion that had caused so much early turmoil.
  • The glories of an AngloItalian alliance, an indiscretion which drew upon him a scarcelyveiled dmenti from London.
  • Unfortunately his indiscretion equalled his eloquence: one speech (1861) sent him to America to avoid a duel with the duke d'Aumale; another (1865), in which he justly but intemperately protested against the Mexican expedition, cost him all his official dignities.