Sentence Examples

  • Hungary, in accordance with her economic situation, had always the advantage in these negotiations, since she was incomparably richer than.
  • Burke and Grattan were anxious that provision should be made for the education of Irish Roman Catholic priests at home, to preserve them from the contagion of Jacobinism in France; Wolfe Tone, "with an incomparably juster forecast," as Lecky observes, "advocated the same measure for exactly opposite reasons."
  • The reformed tribunals, though incomparably better than their predecessors, did not give universal satisfaction.
  • Soloviev's history, from the earliest times to 1774, is based throughout on original investigation of sources, and therefore, though inferior to Karamzin's work as literature, is incomparably superior to it in authority.
  • In British tropical possessions the bill is incomparably heavier.