Sentence Examples

  • All it takes is a little research prior to the special day, and your mailbox and inbox will be overflowing with great offers just for turning one year older.
  • Instead of having to manually tell the cellular phone to check your email inbox, messages are automatically "pushed" to the mobile device in real time.
  • Chances are your neighbor, coworker or most intimate friends have at one point or another defiled your inbox with another email forward that links you to some YouTube video of an unwitting feline traipsing in front of a truck.
  • If you signed up to receive these offers and haven't, double check your junk folder of your e-mail inbox as sometimes your spam filter will direct these types of e-mails to that location.
  • Where there is management, there are transactions and displacements that accrue paperwork, paperwork which inundates your inbox, leaving your office in a state of entropic disarray.