Sentence Examples

  • On the 2nd of December 1841 he delivered his inaugural lecture.
  • The general assembly, to which the case was appealed, suspended Dr Briggs in 1893, being influenced, it would seem, in part, by the manner and tone of his expressions - by what his own colleagues in the Union Theological Seminary called the " dogmatic and irritating " nature of his inaugural address.
  • His inaugural address on The Principle of Protestantism, delivered in German at Reading, Pennsylvania, in 1844, and published in German with an English version by J.
  • The Roman Catholic religion is declared by the constitution to be the religion of the state, and the inaugural oath of the president pledges him to protect it.
  • Mr William O'Brien presided at the inaugural dinner on the 12th of April, and some English M.P.'s were present, but his chief supporter throughout was Father Humphreys.