Sentence Examples

  • Computer lenses: These lenses work to eliminate eye strain, blurred vision, eye irritation, and are perfect for that in-between distance that neither reading glasses nor the glasses you wear for driving can really help with.
  • Order wallet-sized shots to pass out to all your friends and family, order a 16x20 poster, so you can see your family from the far reaches of the living room, or pick something in-between, like the classic 8x10 print.
  • Many options are available to the consumer, ranging from a $7.00 classic dial face style to the high end $75.00 computerized digital read out style and all manner of combinations and options in-between.
  • One upgrade to consider is a trifocal lens, which will allow you to more easily monitor your speed and see things that are at those in-between distances (not too far away, or less than arms' length).
  • Normally refrained to just the top and the sides of your style, partial highlights require less maintenance than a full head and are a great option for in-between blonde and brown hues.