Sentence Examples

  • Whether fairly or not, women with this placement are sometimes seen as hypochondriacs, and the men tend to idealize their wives.
  • Guelph aemocracy and industry idealize the pope.
  • He was an idealist, but while other idealists idealize the nobler elements in human nature, so has he, for the most part - the later books, however, show improvement - idealized the elements that are bestial.
  • When the narratives describe the life of the young David at the court of the first king of the northern kingdom, when the scenes cover the district which he took with the sword, and when the brave Saul is represented in an unfavourable light, one must allow for the popular tendency to idealize great figures, and for the Judaean origin of the compilation.
  • That the oldest of these three does not contain earlier attempts to idealize him is unlikely.