Sentence Examples

  • Indirect authoring can also be applied to other existing hypertext paradigms.
  • The first few web sites were actually simply links to various files - usually academic papers or databases full of research information - from a central document formatted in "Hypertext Markup Language" (which is now known as HTML).
  • PHP - PHP is a "hypertext preprocessor," which means that it is a flexible scripting language that processes information on the web server in order to serve the HTML to the viewer's browser in a non-static and highly functional way.
  • When Tim Berners-Lee created the "hypertext" protocol to enable people to share academic papers through computers, it seemed a natural way to control how that information was presented.
  • Hypertext Markup Language and Cascading Style Sheets are wonderful for making information look pretty, and easy to read and cross-index, but it is PHP which makes it truly interactive.