Sentence Examples

  • Brandy Ho's was one of the first Chinese restaurants to introduce Hunan cuisine to San Francisco.
  • Hunan - The Hunan province is landlocked, and so they have little access to seafood.
  • Hunan is also famous for hot mustard sauce.
  • In 1870 there was a great outbreak concentrating in the massacres at Hankow and Tientsin; in 1891 at Hunan and in 1895 at Ku Cheng there: were other attacks which were only preliminary to the Boxer uprising of 1899-1900,, when 135 missionaries, besides 52 children.
  • The area of revolt extended northwards through the provinces of Hunan and Hupeh, and down the valley of the Yangtsze-kiang as far as the great city of Nanking, which was captured by the rebels in 1853.