Sentence Examples

  • Set up an obstacle course with any items you might have on hand, such as hay bales, wheelbarrows, garbage cans, tires, logs, hula goops, boxes to crawl through, etc… Have kids take turns going through the obstacle course.
  • The company offers an array of laughable seasons greetings, which feature everything from singing snowmen and reindeer to a Santa Claus that shakes his butt like a hula dancer in order to wish viewers a Merry Christmas.
  • If you're planning a tropical vacation getaway, try suiting up your little girl in swimwear from the i play "Hawaiian print" collection featuring hula girls, flip-flops, and five other vibrant patterns.
  • Then, in the 1800s, when British sailors observed the hula dancers on the Hawaiian Islands, they noted the similarity between hooping and hula dancing and the term "hula hoop" was coined.
  • Halter neck bikinis are the order of the day here, and there are a number of different styles to choose from, from the chocolate brown 'Hula Halter' to a colorful 70's style bikini.