Sentence Examples

  • They were magnificent, powerful creatures in varying hues of gold and brown.
  • Their coloration consists often of bright hues, and sometimes resembles that of their surroundings.
  • Copper, too, by patina-producing treatment, is made to show not merely a rich golden sheen with pleasing limpidity, but also red of various hues, from deep coral to light vermilion, several shades of grey, and browns of numerous tones from dead-leaf to chocolate.
  • Their glowing hues, are, however, speedily lost by examples which may be kept in confinement, and are replaced by a dull orange, or in some cases by a bright golden-yellow, and specimens have, though rarely, occurred in a wild state exhibiting the same tints.
  • None of the Petrels are endowed with any brilliant colouring - sootyblack, grey of various tints (one of which is often called "blue"), and white being the only hues the plumage exhibits.