Sentence Examples

  • The state supports three parks - Itasca state park (22,000 acres, established in 1891), about the sources of the Mississippi, in Clearwater, Becker and Hubbard counties; the St Croix (established in 1895), in Chicago county, across the St Croix from the Wisconsin state park of the same name, and including the beautiful Dalles of the St Croix; and the Minneopa state park (established in 1905), containing Minneopa Falls, near Mankato.
  • Hubbard in Journal of the R.I.B.A.
  • Hubbard, Une Famille republicaine (Paris, 1888); M.
  • The Oligocene lake basin of Florissant, Colorado, has been reconstructed similarly by Samuel Hubbard Scudder and T.
  • Hubbard, Modern Language Notes, ix.