Sentence Examples

  • She didn't want to live in Houston any more than he wanted to live on a goat farm.
  • I moved up here from Houston because what I wanted was here.
  • "SIR WILLIAM ARROL (1839-1913), British engineer, was born at Houston, Renfrewshire, Feb.
  • Fannin (c. 1800-1836), who was overtaken on the Coletto Creek while attempting to carry out orders to withdraw from Goliad and to unite with General Houston; he surrendered after a sharp fight (March 19-20) in which he inflicted a heavy loss on the Mexicans, and was marched back with his force to Goliad, where on the morning of the 27th of March they were shot down by Santa Anna's orders.
  • It is served by the Missouri, Kansas & Texas and the Houston & Texas Central railways, and by the Dallas & Sherman inter-urban (electric) line, the central power plant of which is immediately north of the city.