Sentence Examples

  • Hough, " Lamp of the Eskimo " (long, and of 'general interest); F.
  • Hough, Papers relating to the Island of Nantucket.
  • Hough and Boyce Gibson, The Problem of Human Life, 1909); Der Wahrheitsgehalt der Religion (1901; 2nd ed., 1905); Thomas von Aquino and Kant (1901); Gesammelte Aufsdtze zu Philos.
  • See Cushing, Fewkes, Holmes, Hough, Stevenson.) On the Pacific side of the continent not one of the forty linguistic families made pottery.
  • Cavate houses, pueblos and casas are all brought into a series without a break by Bandelier, Cushing, Fewkes, Holmes, Hough,, FIG.