Sentence Examples

  • It grows on many trees, both evergreen and summer-leafing-orchard trees, Limes, Poplars, Elms, Willows, Hornbeam, Beech, Acacia, Horse-chestnut, Firs-rarely on the Oak in Britain.
  • Matthiolus, who attributes the origin of the name of the tree to the use of the nuts by the inhabitants of Constantinople for the relief of short-windedness and cough in horses, remarks that no ancient writer appears to have made mention of the horse-chestnut.
  • The wood of the horse-chestnut is soft, and serves only for the making of water-pipes, for turner's work and common carpentry, as a source of charcoal for gunpowder, and as fuel.
  • CHESTNUT (nux Castanea), the common name given to two sorts of trees and their fruit, (r) the so-called "horse-chestnut," and (2) the sweet or "Spanish" chestnut.
  • Thus in the horse-chestnut there is an interposition of two stamens, and thus seven stamens are formed in the flower, which is asymmetrical.