Sentence Examples

  • The commonest hornblende is dark brown barkevicite.
  • The rocks are liparites, dacites, hornblende and pyroxene andesites.
  • Hornblende schists also occur and a compact felspathic rock in the Suris defile.
  • The rock is therefore a hornblende-granitite-gneiss.
  • Some of the "porphyroids" which have grains of quartz and felspar in a finely schistose micaceous matrix are intermediate between porphyries and micaschists of this group. Still more numerous are orthoschists of hornblendic character (hornblende-schists) consisting of green hornblende with often felspar, quartz and sphene (also rutile, garnet, epidote or zoisite, biotite and iron oxides).