Sentence Examples

  • Diabetes mellitus is a chronic disease in which the body is not able to correctly process glucose for cell energy due to either an insufficient amount of the hormone insulin or a physical resistance to the insulin the body does produce.
  • Biphasic has a 21-day pill pack featuring two different amounts of hormone combinations throughout the three-week cycle, and triphasic has a 21-day pill pack with three different hormone dosage amounts throughout the three-week cycle.
  • Many doctors believe that instead of focusing on a particular fad diet, those who have hypothyroidism should concentrate on avoiding foods and supplements that could affect the positive affects of their hormone medication.
  • For most women, the use of birth control pills carries minimal, well-calculated risks, however, it must be made clear that every woman carries a certain degree of health risk when taking this type of hormone medication.
  • In a nutshell, the law states individuals, such as college students, who receive prescription hormone contraceptives from public health programs (i.e. on campus) will see a significant increase in birth control prices.